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do not be gormless. >> again, thank you for watching. i'm bill o'reilly, remember, the spin stops here. definitely looking out for you. tonight, preview closing arguments in the george zimmerman murder trial. >> think they are overreaching with the second degree murder? i think they are overreaching with intent. >> are trayvon martin's attorneys satisfied with the handling of the case. i'll asked his attorney. if we go forward on immigration reform, we have to have serious border security. >> house republicans meet to map out their immigration game plan behind closed doors. michelle malkin with reaction. treasury department announcement confirms our concerns. obama care is simply not ready. >> when obama care beginning to crumble, will the individual
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mandate be the next controversial division to fall? and the one and only pat buchanan, judge alex, and mark fuhrm fuhrman. welcome to "hannity." the george zimmerman defense has rested its case without calling the defendant to the stand. take a look. >> have you made a decision? >> yes, sir. >> what is your decision, sir? >> after consulting with counsel, not to testify, your honor. >> okay. you understand that no matter what counsel says to you, it's still your decision? do you understand that? >> yes, your honor. >> now, just a moment, our legal team and law enforcement experts will be here to analyze the decision and help us answer what comes next in the trial. first, after 12 days of testimony, did the prosecution prove beyond a reasonable doubt that george zimmerman unlawfully killed trayvon martin without regard to human life or did the defense prove that zimmerman was acting in self-defense. take a look at the facts in the case and how they relate to the
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law of self-defense in the state of florida. last year, i sat down with george zimmerman in an exclusive interview, and he told me this. take a look. >> talking to you during that time? >> yes. >> and he was saying? >> cursing, telling me to shut up and finally telling me he was going to kill me. >> did he say anything? he was talking a lot about the gun. did he say he noticed the gun? >> he said you're going to die tonight [ bleep ]. and took one hand off of my mouth, and i felt it going down my chest toward my belt and my holster, and that's when i -- i didn't have any more time. >> there you have it. trayvon martin told zimmerman he was going to kill him. this directly applies to the d statute of deadly force. the use of deadly force is lawful when a person is resisting an attempt to murder such person or commit any felony
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upon him. a former neighbor of zimmerman testified that he saw trayvon martin on top of zimmerman, mma style, ground and pound, seconds before the shooting. remember this? >> the person you know to betray von martin was on top, correct? >> correct. >> and he was the one raining blows down on the person on the bottom, george zimmerman, right? >> that's what it looked like. >> this applies to another statute regarding the law of self-defense which states a person is justify the in the use of deadly force if he or she reasonably believes that such force is necessary to prevent imminent death or great bodily harm. those are just two examples of how the defense might present their closing argument. here to analyze facts and possible outcomes, is lapd detective mark fuhrman and anna scieza-sikelozzi. the prosecution had to go to the
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judge and are now seeking an attempt to lower the charges. manslaughter in one particular case, and some of the other charges. they want the jury to hear other options. i don't think they should be able to do that. >> well, it's more common place you may think. it happens all the time. you charge one county indictment this way, murder, you can always ask down, and the judge may decide in the discretion, if it's the defense asking it must be put for the prosecution more discretionary. mans very common place. no matter how strong your case, you should never be so overconfident. i don't think murder has been proven here, i do believe manslaughter has been and i think they have the right to put that on and let the jury make the decision based on the evidence before it. >> i'm not surprised they want to give the jury options here, mark fuhrman, they weren't able to prove second degree murder, nothing close to it.
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or manslaughter, any of the other charges they want to go to. >> i don't think they have either, sean. today when the defense arrested and it looks like we're going to closing arguments tomorrow, i tried to really nail down one prosecution witness that actually moved the ball down the field for them, and even the lead detective didn't succeed in that. he was confident and articulate, but established complete self-defense justification for the death. never moved the ball down the field in a malicious, depraved manor that would be second degree murder. >> don't you think, anna, we have to look at overcharging? they knew there would be testimony, ground, pound, mma style? they knew they couldn't meet that standard. isn't that unfair to people that are put on trial? >> overcharging is unfair and
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shouldn't be done. however, because witnesses testified a certain way at trial doesn't mean that's the way it always was from the beginning, and you did have websited, one who the way she described it, it would be if you just used her alone it could well have been trayvon martin on the bottom. to put it to the jury, charges, reasonable cause to believe that the defendant committed that crime, it should be to the jury. >> where the there any evidence that he was demonstrating a depraved mind? >> again, i don't think it borne itself out this way. if it's true he followed him, initiated, provoked the attack, and he just fired into him? of course that's depraved. i think george zimmerman picked and chose when he told the truth and when he embellished to cover up for what he knows he has done. >> though are opinions. >> opinions based on evidence, and, again, if i had much
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longer, i would go through them all. while i agree with mark fuhrman. isn't one witness you can look to for the prosecution and say this is it. if you pick them apart, which a prosecutor should do, they are very well in the ball game for getting a conviction, although a lesser charge than murder. >> big picture, though. the story remain consistent? >> it did. consistent in a way that makes it more believable than a pat statement that never changes or a pat description. people involved in a shooting, they change as things come back. when you talk to somebody, they are not at the scene and they walk and they are walking and talking, bring themselves back to the location, different things will change, and when people actually -- questions can sometimes stimulate a memory, so, you know, the problem here is -- there is no unlawful act
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that george zimmerman committed. he can follow anybody he wants on public property and he did. the confrontation started -- no matter how anybody wants to believe it, started when trayvon martin turned toward george zimmerman within arm's reach, or wouldn't be able to strike him, and started a verbal dialog that we heard from the prosecution, and that -- that absolutely establishes that george zimmerman didn't pursue him to talk to him, he just was following him and now there is a question, was he on the way back to his truck or not? irrelevant. trayvon martin threw the first pitch. trayvon martin became the aggressor at that point and there is no evidence that trayvon martin was on the bottom. >> if i'm the prosecutor in this case, i am saying to the jury, why did george zimmerman say that he was reaching for his
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cell phone when trayvon martin looked at him. the reason he says that, and i'm telling that jury, he wasn't reaching for that cell phone, he took it out or let it be known that he had a firearm, again, george zimmerman has been portrayed as a rather meek person and i believe he probably was. albeit he wanted to be law enforcement. >> you can say that, but where is the -- where is the evidence? >> reasonable inchs based on the evidence. >>ith not evidence. >> a prosecutor is not -- no, a prosecutor is not testifying. do you need a witness to say that? the only witness that could say that would be george zimmerman. >> george zimmerman, because he's consistent doesn't mean he's telling the truth. he's telling the truth about a lot of what he's saying. >> let me ask. this is important. do you doubt that the eyewitness was correct in saying trayvon
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ground and pound, mma. >> i think jonathan good was a good witness and i believe george zimmerman was probably wrong, but -- >> do you believe the injuries are consistent with zimmerman and john good's story? >> no, i think they are consistent with being knocked to the grown in a scuffle. he didn't see his head smashed into the ground. >> he was only there 10 seconds. >> but they are a very relevant ten seconds. he didn't hear trayvon martin say he was going to kill him, because i don't believe that happened. >> this is the law based on the standards in the state of florida. >> it's about as good as you get. i don't know what other people experienced in law enforcement, prosecuting cases. never seen anything totally consistent with injuries or totally consistent with the act. there are holes in everything that people miss, whether it's somebody confessing or somebody
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defending themselves. >> all right, guys. interesting panel. are you predicting conviction? >> i don't like to predict these things because i'm superstition. i think it's there. >> i don't think there will be a conviction, at the best for the prosecution will be a hung jury. still to come, michelle malkin, pat buchanan, malkin and more. the stunning allegation rocking the obama justice rocking the obama justice department goodnight. thanks, olivia. thank you. so you can make a payment from your cell to almost anyone's phone or email. (speaking french)
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ok, did she seriously just say that? geico. just a click away with our free mobile app. welcome back to "hannity." members of the media and court watchers have been highly critical of the george zimmerman prosecution team. it all started when the lead prosecutor kicked off the trial with a slew of profanities. you may remember this. >> good morning. [ bleep ] punks. these [ bleep ], they always get away. those were the words in that grown man's mouth, as he followed in the dark a 17-year-old boy, who he didn't know. >> and it only got worse when the state's so-called star witness took the stand but helped the defense. remember this? >> he said [ bleep ] following me.
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>> can't hear you. >> [ bleep ] still following me. >> you lied about why you didn't go to the wake, the funeral? >> yes. >> you were, in fact, under oath? >> yes, sir. >> and you knew that? >> yes, sir. >> and you made a decision then because of how difficult the situation you had just been put in, you decided to lie about going to the hospital rather than say something that might be painful? >> yes, sir. >> all right. so what does trayvon martin's family think about the state's handling of the trial? do they agree with the criticism. joining me, martin family attorney daryl parks. mr. parks, welcome back. >> thank you. >> a lot of criticism as you know of the prosecution, their handling of the case. what's your feeling about it? >> well, i am not so quick to
9:17 pm
judge the prosecution. i will say i believe they have done a good job with the evidence they have to work with. one of the legal strategies they are confronted with is dealt with the character issue. they have dealt with it that well, it was a delicate issue and make sure trayvon he's case we have here was tried base on the facts of the case and not based on all the other things we've seen, the defense tried and made this case about. not about marijuana, not about pictures they tried to put in the public domain, it's about what happened between him and george zimmerman that night. >> what about the medical examiner changing his initial testimony, saying that the marijuana may have an impact on trayvon's initial thinking. >> in this case, they tried to make any issues like that issue, a collateral issue of deciding the case. the truth of the matter this case about the interaction
9:18 pm
between george zimmerman and trayvon, on the ground, and the testimony involving that particular situation. not about whether or not the medical examiner changed whether he lived from 1 to 3 minutes or 1 to 10 minutes, right? the frakt of the matter, there are a lot of inconsistencies in george's statement. for example, it is totally unreasonable that george zimmerman said after he shot him, said you got me. trayvon realizing you had a gun, hey, you got me, trying to stop the fight and george zimmerman instead chose to shoot him. >> let me ask you, when the star witness said that trayvon used the term creepy ass cracker, and she didn't believe that to be a racial term. would that upset the family that that came out? >> no, not at all. she was trying to hide
9:19 pm
something, she would not have used the "c" word or "n" word in giving her testimony if she was trying to hide something. the fact that she useded a term normally used to describe some white people in florida and another word a derogatory used to describe black people, the "n" word. used it to describe the same person indicatesith a slang word. >> you don't think it was racial word? >> i don't think he meant anything derogatory about it. he was not -- may have said that to her, his action on the night that was nothing that was aggressive toward george zimmerman. he walked past. scared of george zimmerman as you when he walked past the truck. trayvon hit his hands in his pocket. walking past george zimmerman. it's important that this case is going to be judged based upon the full body of evidence in this case, sir. >> what is the biggest part i
9:20 pm
think and most devastating in the prosecution's case, only one eyewitness. that eyewitness identified trayvon, mma style, straddling george zimmerman, ground and pound, punches going down, and by the way, the injuries that george have are very consistent with what that eyewitness saw, what does it mean to you and the family that he may have initiated this confrontation? >> well, there is no question -- i want to answer your question in two different ways. first part, dealing with the witness, mr. good, and the second part, about injuries to george zimmerman. first of all, the person interviewing mr. good used ground and pound. however, go back and look at the testimony of mr. good where he describes that they were wrestling and tussling, talked about seeing the hands of mr. --
9:21 pm
the person on top in a downward position. not a situation where he was wailing away at the person below. and that's important, because he does not describe this great ground and pound, the words were go back and look at the record, tussling and wrestling are the words he used. >> yeah. >> lastly, the injuries that mr. zimmerman describes, right? even his own testimony from the interview says my hand was a little on the sidewalk. and he was squirming down. but lastly, he tells mr. osterman, my leg -- the legs of trayvon, up by my arms, not down in the midsection of his body, so we believe that the testimony that george zimmerman said about trayvon being near the gun. >> we're running out of time. >> that's why the jury should disregard mr. zimmerman's testimony. >> trayvon talked about
9:22 pm
witnessing fighting, purchasing a gun. what does that mean? >> it means nothing to be, mr. hannity. george zimmerman had no knowledge of that as he confronted trayvon. to allow those issues to come in would do nothing except to inflame the jury. the image of a 17-year-old black male that is negative. >> there is talk that the sheriff's department is preparing for the reaction in the community. what would you like to say to the community tonight? >> well, i think this -- we will conduct ourselves in a dignified manner. this family is about nonviolence, and we'd ask the community for nonviolence as well. >> thank you, mr. parks. appreciate your time again, thank you for being with us. >> thank you. still ahead, why was a private, closed-door meeting between house republicans
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as we continue, the latest on the zimmerman case. joining me now defense attorney, rebecca rose woodland and judge alex. welcome back. defense rests, zimmerman doesn't take the stand. do you agree with that? >> absolutely not. you have his whole statement from the interview. >> any way the prosecution can recover? >> i don't see it. i personally don't see it. >> second degree murder, they do not have a second degree murder. if they are lucky enough to get a jury that doesn't convict of second, there are serious issues on appeal. clubbable negligence is not plead, the other is an unnecessary killing. that means the jury decides it is not self-defense by division, he gets convicted of manslaughter. if he decides it's self-defense, gets acquitted. they have a strong, strong
9:28 pm
self-defense. >> the law is clear, if we are looking at a depraved mind. >> that's a second. >> second is gone. but they have to appeal to the judge on whether or not they can go with the lower charges of manslaughter or aggravated assault. >> manslaughter, a category 1, mandatory lesser, given if either side requests it. the judge doesn't have discretion. if the state wants it, they get it. the other ones, aggravated battery, third degree murder, assault, those are category twos. they have to support by the evidence and pleadings. i don't think they are supported by the pleadings and in most cases the evidence, so i think mabs manslaughter is the only one that should we given. and even though some of those
9:29 pm
charges sound lesser, it is still 25 to life. >> does the jury know that? >> nope. >> i think the justification of self-defense has been made in a strong manner and the prosecution has not rebutted it. >> i don't think they've met a be bare standard of why this came to trial. >> worse than that, we have seen the prosecution implode. after dr. dimayo testify, they had george zimmerman say he was on body, and grass stains on his back, forensic evidence to support it. what if they were both standing in cross-examination and shifting? >> the doctor said that's impossible, the third would we hanging right down. well, what if he's backing away from him? that just showed to the jury, we as prosecutors are willing to throw out any theory that will
9:30 pm
stick? >> spending money to organize justice for trayvon rallies? all politics? >>ith all politics, not appropriate. we need to step back from the racial aspect of the case and look at it as a one-on-one interaction. >> prediction? >> acquittal? >> acquittal likely. >> acquittal. >> we're in agreement. but you never know with a jury. >> a preveivate meeting on immigration reform. and hannity live," follow the show on the live show, and join us on twitter @seanhannity.
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welcome back to "hannity."
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earlier today, 234 house republicans held a closeded door meeting to talk about the hot button issue of immigration reform. cheers erupted when they said they wouldn't take up the senate bill. house republican leaders put out a joint statement. "today house republicans affirmed that rather than take up the flawed legislation rushed through the senate, house committeed will continue their work on a step by step, common sentence approach to fixing what has long been a broken system. the american people want our border secure,or laws enforcement and the problems in our immigration system fixed to strength our economy. here is why this is important to you. they need to take a strong stand and need to listen to what you the american people want and the decision by the leadership is a good first step.
9:36 pm
politicians have promised to secure the borders, it's the law of the land, it's not done. and comprehensive immigration reform is not an easy topic to tackle. take your time, get it right. joining me now is syndicated columnist and author, mitchelle malkin. >> i have to give my qualified praise to the republican leadership, to listen to their base. the pro homeland, pro border security members. it's time for the american people to launch what i call hold the line and stiffen the spine, because i think we've gone through this enough times on capitol hill to know that there is a penchant to go wobbly when there are forces on the big business right and on the grievance mongering left to open
9:37 pm
border lobby left. when those conspire to weaken the will of house leaders, we need to raise our voices more, make surie it's dlb rah ty and transparent. >> the only consensus on border security first. john boehner did in conference say any bill that comes out of the senate conference that hastert rule applies, a majority of republicans would support it. that to me is a very good thing. i want to get your reaction. >> once again, i have to have a corrective here. in washington, if people are really serious about making sure that our sovereignty is protected and self-preservation and the mission ongoing internal mission to provide for the common defense, we have to get rid of the platitude of board
9:38 pm
every security firer security first. it is board every security period. it's not some bargaining chip or box you check off, now it's done and now let's have -- it's not conditional on anything, okay? not a means to the en. it is the end. it is the basic core function of government. and, you know what you have here is this gang of eaters, especially republicans, mccain, graham, rubio, think this is and they can give away and get something in return and apiece all of the people who think that the ultimate goal is building a pathway to citizenship for 20 million illegal aliens. no, that's not the fundamental goal of our government and shouldn't be of any republican worth his salt. >> what do you think of paul ryan arguing to the conference
9:39 pm
they would be in a much weaker position if they failed to act? >> you know what? they really knee to enforce the laws already on the book and resist mightily the pressure to basically obama carize immigration policy. the statement they put out is very reassuring, i've heard enough from people behind the scenes, house republicans on the hill, who have been staunchly for ensuring we abide by the constitution and that we make sure that we are doing right by the people who follow the law and are doing it the right way. any kin of "immigration reform" has to recognize that the goal is immigration control. it is up to our country to decide and do it in a deliberate way. who gets in, who stays out and make sure that people who don't belong here are kept out. if you look at every door in this country, the front door, back door, revolving door, they
9:40 pm
are all busted. we don't say, well, we can fix all of these, we have this grand scheme now, just trust us. no, no, no, no. the default has to be distrust. we can't even do the basic things. hopefully what the house republican leadership understand now, we need a step by step common sentence approach. start with one thing, prove you can do it. the entry/exit system, which they promised and pass into law six times into the last 17 years. yet to produce. do one thing, prove it. >> the border should be secure. border security period. we have a right as a country. assuming -- and that is a big assumption here. talking about politicians. assuming they get the job done, what about people in this country illegally. what would michelle malkin do? >> i think after -- let's just have the fantasy land that border security is achieved.
9:41 pm
that's not the only thing we have to do to secure the homeland. an entire entrance/exit system. >> what do you do with the people who enter the country, owe became our sovereignty? >> you wait until america's house is in order and count your blessings it's so dysfunctional that the government has caught up to you. do what you do, we do what we do, and try and get the government to do the right thing by the people who have followed the law. millions of people waiting and applied. 600,000 people ordered depaorte. 11 million people out of work that should take priority over the 30 million that are here illegally, period. coming up next tonight on "hannity" -- >> this law is just unraveling where our eyes. i don't know how you can conclude this is not a total fee as come. >> the sights on obama care at a
9:42 pm
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welcome back to "hannity."
9:46 pm
the white house decision to there a the employer mandate until 2015 on obama care is not sitting well with republican lawmakers. a hearing about this overreaching decision of the white house. here are some highlights. >> treasury department announcement confirms our concerns. obama care is simply not ready. for patients, families and their children, though, you have to wonder. if obama care isn't ready for business, is it ready for my family? a lot of lives are at stake. >> this law is literally just unraveling before our eyes. i don't know how you can conclusion this is not a total fiasco. >> now we've got a situation where essentially the administration for years has been pumping sunshine. for years, the administration, whenned ask easked how is the gt coming to fruition?
9:47 pm
this committee and others have been told, it's fine, it's great. we have it your honor control. in fact, we have a wonderful plan for your life, it will be absolutely terrific. and now what happens? late, before a holiday weekend, the administration on a blog post essentially whispers, it's not working, oops. this is a mess. >> all right. here is why this story is important for you. for starters, congressman brady is absolutely right. why only businesses getting the break? why is the administration not delaying the implementation of the individual mandate as well? selective enforcement. second, since when does the president of the united states decide which laws to enforce, which laws he will let slide? that will not hold to constitutional muster. >> and the decision clearly politically timed until after the rascally mid term elections.
9:48 pm
what else can we expect the white house to do before the polls in 2014? here is patrick j. buchanan and leslie marshall. the obama administration unilaterally decides that they will decide implementation or part of it, they don't go to congress for approval, and they get to decide which laws they want to enforce? okay with >> it's okay with me. because the affordable care act won't be enacted. this is for businesses with 50 or more full-time employees that don't provide benefits. currently 96% of those employers already do. first of all. second of all. i don't know about you, sean, i don't have 50 people i am going to provide health care benefits for. an individual can go to a
9:49 pm
database. this is to help the employers in a sense. not that obama care isn't ready. perhaps the employers were not ready. we are hoping for republicans to try and successfully repeal health care. which it did not. >> barack obama and the democrats came down on the side of the big, evil business guys and not the average american? it's an interesting twist. >> it sure is, sean. this is a bit of a fiasco. i can understand why president obama did it. it will have an adverse reaction in hiring and the economy. there are hundreds of thousands of employers relying on employers to provide insurance. you go find it for yourself or your family, even if you don't
9:50 pm
want it or you can't afford it, or the irs will be on your case. the president should support a bill to success send the employer mandate for one you're and the individual mandate for one you're and kick it over a year, admit, it's more compl >> leslie, i'm sure this has nothing to do with the car wreck created in a mid term election e year. no coincidence at all, right? >> actually, i don't think it would have made a difference, sean, and i'll tell you why. you guys know the majority of the american people you keep telling me didn't want this. i don't think it would make a difference at all with regard te the elections and outcome of the elections. and with all due respect to what pat said, when you look at the figures, and you look at one of the reasons our economy has hade some of thec problems with regad to health care reform and with h health care, is because of the overcrowding of emergency rooms when a kid has a temp of 99 by individuals. not by corporations.
9:51 pm
so the individuals do need to get that insurance. >> does it say unjust, unfair, inequitable, to the boss, we know the problems you have, it's tough, complex. we're going to give you a breaki we're going tot' give you a full year because we see how bad it and then tell the individuals who are relying on their boss for that insurance, hey, guys. you don't get a reprieve. you go out and find insurance or you're going to talk to an irst agent to get him back from what he's doing to the tea party. is that fair and just? >> i think it's funny that re you've been in politics a lot more than me. just and politics in the same sentence. bottom line here is this is not about fairness, we're talking o about an individual and family versus a corporation. >> leslie, let me talk from obama's standpoint look.
9:52 pm
why wouldn't he -- why wouldn't he not just come forward and -- tom harkin says he can't changeh the law, can't change the date. it's written into law. why doesn't the president of the united states say we'll do the employer thing for a year, let's hold off the individual mandate for a year. they would have problems too.obe and if that's in his political e interests, so what? tell the republicans do it and i'll take it and get the problem solved. when we come back, we'll weigh in on the zimmerman case and we're going to talk about a, obama, holder, race, and what they think the result may be. that's coming up after the break. may be, after the break. ♪
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through initiatives like these, our goal is to inspire more than three million people to rediscover the joy of being active this summer. see the difference all of us can make, together. welcome back to "hannity." we continue with pat buchanan and leslie marshall. closing arguments in the zimmerman case. patrick j. buchanan, a president satd the cambridge police acted
9:57 pm
stupidly, my son would look like trayvon. and eric holder, his justice department got involved in this case through their own community relations service. what does that say about the administration? should they have been involved? >> they should not. the outrage and injustice here is that they are prosecuting this man for allegedly second degree murder when no one has produced in weeks any evidence that he acted out of rage, anger, hatred, viciousness of any kind. the fact that someone yelled help me, help me, help me, help me, five times on the ground. would tell you he did fear something, maybe great bodily harm. i think this thing -- i cannot believe he's going to be convicted of second degree murder. i believe the case should be thrown out. i believe it should not have been brought and if it was brought, they should have come in with negligent homicide. >> leslie? >> actually, i do agree with pat on something. i don't think he'll be convicted of second degree murder.
9:58 pm
i certainly do think he will be acquitted. i agree the president and department of justice should not be involved in this. but i don't agree with the help, help, help. obviously, two mothers say each of their sons is crying help. we'll never know who yelled help. i think the system before this six-person jury in florida has to play out and we'll see what happens. >> leslie, tell me what was happening if trayvon was the one yelling help five times. what was being done to him? >> well, i'm a white chick as you can see, pat. but i have heard from a number of african-american men who called my radio show and have experienced constant racial profiling whether they're walking down the street or driving down the street. >> there's no evidence of it. >> you have a man who's not african-american coming at you. this is -- obviously i wasn't there. this is my opinion and what you're asking me. turns around and says why are
9:59 pm
you following me? >> we got to run. >> you haven't told me why he's screaming help me, help me five times. >> because the man has a gun. the man has a gun. this man's going to shoot me. i'm a black guy and this man's going to shoot me. >> there's no evidence ever presented, leslie. >> there's no evidence presented either way. [ overlapping speakers ] >> in my opinion would not have hit him unless he feared for his life defending himself. >> all right. let me give one final answer. why would a guy 5'10," he's outmatched four inches, outmatched in reach, he's got a gun. you're telling me he's going to start a fistfight with a 17-year-old kid? come on. >> all right. we got to go. thank you, both. we are on verdict watch time. final closing arguments tomorrow. we'll have the latest on that tomorrow night. that's all the time we have left this evening. let not your heart be troubled.
10:00 pm
greta is next to go on the record. tonight -- >> i object to the court inquiring to mr. zimmerman on his decision on whether or not to testify -- >> your objection is overruled. >> is judge nelson out of order? we'll show you much more of that exchange. but first george zimmerman exercises his right to remain silent. >> i need to know is it your decision to not testify in this case? >> yes, your honor. >> is this clearly the decision you yourself have made? >> yes, sir. >> thank you very much. >> as a use of force expert, i have to look at it from as many perspectives as possible. because everybody's perspective is different. mr. martin was physically active and capable person. mr. zimmerman is a person who is

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